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A new landscape for global technology startups

We are in the early stages of a paradigm shift where new value will no longer come from surveillance-based models

The next generation of successful companies will be built on fundamentally different technology. Markets outside Silicon Valley are becoming new hubs for innovation. Net X has been established to take advantage of this shift, scaling an already proven investment thesis to accelerate venture returns and increase the probability of success. It is our pleasure to be partnering with a best-in-class global team, who will provide access to some of the most exciting venture investments from markets around the globe. We’re excited to bring this offering to market, and look forward to working with you as a partner.

John Joyce

Executive Chairman

Aaron McDonald

Managing Director



Aaron McDonald

Managing Director

Aaron is a cofounder, board member, and director of Centrality, one of NZ’s fastest growing technology companies.

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Matteo Dante Perrucio

General Partner, Europe and Middle East

Matteo has served over three decades in the investment management industry and is presently Shareholder & President International of Wave Financial Group.

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Daniel Gillespie

General Partner, Asia Pacific

Daniel is Chief Strategy Officer and a Board Member of Centrality, with 17 years of international banking and private equity experience.

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Phil Williams

Strategic Analyst

John is a global technology investment veteran. He is known for his financial leadership, with a long career as CFO of IBM, and Managing Director of SilverLake Partners. 

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Marco Brondani

Technical Analyst

Aaron is a cofounder, board member, and director of Centrality, one of NZ’s fastest growing technology companies.

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We utilize a globally distributed team to source investments that link together strategically, to scale rapidly and drive portfolio value

Invest outside the Silicon Valley bubble

By seeking out markets with limited capital, VC’s get better value. New Zealand, Australia, and stable Asia hubs like Singapore and Taiwan have quality deal-flow and lower valuations. In addition, selected tech hubs throughout Europe are emerging, including Old Street London, South of France, Milan and Dublin.

Amplify returns by combining investee companies in a connected model

NetX is building on the success of Centrality Fund I, which has driven exceptional returns through the Connected Venture Thesis. We identify growth-stage companies looking for investment, then find other early-stage companies who can plug technology gaps and improve growth. We invest in the growth company, and leverage the connection by providing access to new customers or markets.

Get better deal terms through its connected approach, by offering greater growth potential to investee companies

Markets outside Silicon Valley have far shallower pools of capital available to technology startup ventures. This leads to significantly lower valuations as companies compete for capital. Lower valuations in competitive environments often lead to significantly stronger underlying fundamentals – business costs are lower, and the same amount of growth shows a more favourable multiple. NetX takes advantage of this global valuation arbitrage. Lower entry prices leads to higher probabilities of enhanced portfolio returns.

About the fund

Fund size

$50m USD


Late Seed and Series A

Deal size

From $250k (Seed), $1m to $5m (A)


Technology, Global


  • Crypto and Digital Currencies
  • FinTech and WealthTech
  • Digital Identity
  • HealthTech
  • Blockchain and NFTs
  • Information Security
  • Supply Chain
  • AI and ML


Connected ventures approach

Step 1

Identify a “Hub”, defined as a growth stage company looking for investment to fill gaps in its offering

Step 2

Find early stage “Satellite” companies who can plug those gaps and improve growth

Step 3

Invest in the Hub company on the basis that they will work with the Satellite

Step 4

Leverage the connection, achieving better terms with the satellite company by providing them access to a new customer or market through the Hub

Growth stage hub company

Growth stage hub company

Growth stage hub company


Fund governance platform improving compliance​

Banking as a service platform​

Influencer analytics and programmatic selling platform​

Decentralised private messaging and digital wallet app​

eKYC and Digital Identity platform​

Blockchain based national food supply chain consortium​

Simple plugins for carbon offsetting at any payment point​

Siri for small busineses connects SaaS business data​

Digital asset payment rails

AI powered disinformation and fake news analysis platfrom ​

Predictive Product merchandising AI for fortune 500 retail​

Reinventing travel aggregation with an open travel marketplace platform

Neo bank for flats and small groups ​

Next gen customer research platform ethical data sharing​

Mobility as a Service multi-mode routing engine for cities and nations​

Wealth management middle ware for fund managers​

Comprehensive AI for sports performance coaching​

Managed investment for crypto and tokenized assets
Solving issues of affordability and access in the US health system

Group insurance policy admin platform for mid-market insurers

Automated advertising effectiveness tools for social media
A social and professional network helping doctors live and work better
Innovative software services for Central Bank Digital Currencies

Trade credit onboarding and auto decisioning software

Ratings for DeFi applications on smart-contract quality and safety

Buy now, pay later finance for healthcare expenses

Digital banking for children and families

Building insurance infrastructure for crypto

Contact us

For LP investment terms, portfolio pitches and general enquiries email partners@netx.fund

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